Zoom Direct Pty Ltd
ACN: 102 531 715

Zoom Direct respects the privacy of its members.

Zoom Direct manages your data for the purpose of marketing third party products and services to subscribers.

Zoom Direct sends information to subscribers that have consented to receiving material from Zoom Direct.

Zoom Direct intends to only send relevant targeted messages to subscribers that wish to receive them.

If you have been subscribed in error, have been subscribed by other individual/s without your consent or wish to have mailings to your address stopped for any reason Zoom Direct will unsubscribe you within the shortest possible time from notification.

How do I unsubscribe or change my information?
You can unsubscribe from our mailing lists by the following methods:

  1. Clicking the hyperlink located at the bottom of all Zoom Direct branded mailings.
  2. Replying to any Zoom Direct mailing with a written request to unsubscribe. N.B this process is manual and may take several days for updates.
  3. Calling our office number (02) 82576550 or send a Fax to (02) 82576501 during office hours - 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday AEST.
  4. Sending written notification using the following email:

How is personal information collected?
Zoom Direct collects personal information as provided by participating subscribers directly to Zoom Direct or to participating website/companies that may include email address, name, telephone numbers, date of birth, occupations and areas of interest. Data is collected at the time of opt-in by active participation of the end user.

Interests are added in some cases where they can be reasonably assumed from the style of content of the participating website at which the user has subscribed.

What personal information is collected?
Zoom Direct collects name, physical address, email address, phone numbers, job and industry function information and interest categories as provided by the end user.

Zoom Direct collects IP address for validation and diagnostic purposes. We may also use cookies to personalize or simplify your user experience. Responses to Zoom Direct campaigns such as positive opens and click throughs may also be collected in order to better target future mailings.

Will Zoom Direct release my personal information to third parties?
Data is used only for the purpose of providing relevant marketing material to subscribers and will only be disclosed to Zoom Direct staff and agents for that purpose.

Information is aggregated and provided as group statistics for advertisers to make purchasing decisions and analyze results from campaigns. Advertisers do not have access to any individual's personal records.
Third parties will not be given access to an individual's personal subscriber data unless ordered by order of Australian Federal or State authorities.

Personal information may on occasion be transferred to relevant agents for the purposes of de-duplication, correction or suppression.

Who owns Zoom Direct data?
Data collected from Zoom Direct websites remain the property of Zoom Direct.

How to contact Zoom Direct
Under the Privacy Act you have the right to view or change any personal information that Zoom Direct holds about you.
If you wish to contact Zoom Direct in relation to any privacy issues please feel free to using the following contact details.

Customer Information
Please call (02) 82576550 or Send a Fax to (02) 82576501 between the hours of 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

You can send written notification to us also to close the account, using the following email: