Integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce makes it possible for companies to track sales and financial data for their business client contacts. This integration can be done through a lengthy installation process, such as with the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) method, or they can use a third-party integration solution such as Breadwinner for QuickBooks for the same result in a very short time.

Integration software like Breadwinner removes the need to write code or know the technology behind these systems. They help keep data consistent and create tracking capabilities that aren’t possible through any other means of integration.

Integrating QuickBooks and Salesforce can also yield advances in security and data synchronization if the process is thorough. Integration of these systems can establish read-only or read-write permissions for different users. Such integration can allow bi-directional syncing, which means changes made in Salesforce propagate to QuickBooks in minutes.

Different Versions of QuickBooks

Those looking to integrate QuickBooks with Salesforce should also be aware of different versions of QuickBooks – Online and Desktop. Breadwinner is equipped to integrate both versions. It also checks several boxes for tasks and items that are essential to integrating QuickBooks and Salesforce:

  • Being able to create invoices from the Account, Opportunity, Order, and Custom Objects fields
  • Pre-populating line items automatically
  • Tracking invoice statuses
  • Supporting multiple accounting organizations and currencies
  • Safeguarding the accounting system
  • Supporting accounts payable with invoice creation and tracking
  • Supporting accounts receivable with the ability to create bills and purchase orders, then track those items
  • Prepared to use Salesforce Lightning and Mobile versions
  • Syncing addresses and products

With the complete and thorough integration of QuickBooks and Salesforce, companies can get a much greater command of their sales performance. Syncing your CRM and accounting system, two software that is integral to businesses brings sales and finance teams together and gets them to work more collaboratively, which improves productivity in processes and communication.